Debugging Your Brain (eBook, audiobook, combo)

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Debugging Your Brain (DYB) is a clear applied psychology book and a concise self-help book.

Practical, not Theoretical

DYB is full of practical techniques. Each technique is condensed to its core idea, accompanied by just enough story to make it memorable. Each chapter has activities to help you put its techniques into practice. Learn how to "patch the software in your mind."

You'll actually want to do this "homework"!

Accessible Metaphors

Whether or not you have a technical background, you will find the software development analogies approachable and insightful.

Psychology + Software Development

This book brings together the author's two backgrounds: psychology (neuroscience @ Yale) and software development.

What people are saying

Critical Acclaim

A worthy, tightly organized, and intriguing program for rethinking thinking. ― Kirkus Reviews (full review)

"User" Reviews

I am inspired to treat my own anxiety and depression symptoms, in part, using these wonderful techniques. ― Louis J. Rinaldi, MBA, Albertus Magnus College

This book has helped me understand the 'why' behind my doctors' suggestions!" ― Erin Brown, Lecturer, University of Miami

The author's lighthearted and relatable way of writing makes it an enjoyable read. ― Dr. Melissa Monsey, Neuroscience PhD, Yale University

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  • eBook or Audiobook or eBook+Audiobook

  • Big Ideas
    7 big ideas
  • Activities
    18 activities
  • eBook Pages
    78 pages
  • eBook Formats
    epub (generic ebook), mobi (kindle), pdf
  • Audiobook Duration
    1h 31m
  • Narrated by
    Casey, the author
  • eBook or Audiobook or eBook+Audiobook
  • Big Ideas7 big ideas
  • Activities18 activities
  • eBook Pages78 pages
  • eBook Formatsepub (generic ebook), mobi (kindle), pdf
  • Audiobook Duration1h 31m
  • Narrated byCasey, the author
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Debugging Your Brain (eBook, audiobook, combo)

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